About Enterprise Mastery

We empower organisations and individuals through facilitating change and development, changing the ways organisations and individuals work to deliver practical, meaningful results for all stakeholders by focusing on the development and implementation of organisational strategy, reform, turnaround & advisory, governance, research & innovation and workforce development.


Increased revenues, developing new markets, products and services


Longevity for your organisation, people and ultimately the planet


Accelerated increase in profits


Gain the funds for organisational expansion


Increased organisational and employee productivity


Decreased waste and resource use


Enterprise Mastery was formed in 2012 on three founding principles:

1. To provide business turnaround and performance improvement support that enables client companies to provide competitive advantage and superior customer experience within social enterprise, private organisations, academia and government authorities;

2. to share the latest and very best methods, practices and techniques across all enterprise;

3. to support these organisations utilising UK, EU and international funds and thereby empowering you to step-up to the next level and to flourish.


The company has undergone a number of significant stage changes as it developed service offerings to clients. These steps qualifying Enterprise Mastery to work with and on behalf of significant European and UK as well as international government agencies, have resulted in successes for more than 200 organisations and more than 1000 people.

Enterprise Mastery value long-term working partnerships that engender trust and loyalty and in establishing a working culture that is sensitive to the values of our clients and specialises in facilitating the development and implementation of strategy, reform, turnaround & advisory, workforce development, governance and research & innovation.



Facilitation of effective strategic planning and execution for long term organisational success to set direction and priorities. This is accomplished by communicating with everyone involved, aligning all employees and resources to deliver results, simplify decision making and communicate clearly with all stakeholders through informed engagement and participation with key organizational leaders in a collaborative environment.



Development and implementation of innovative practical problem-solving strategies through fundamental change in the way the organisation and individuals operate to save the organisation from failure and reverse its decline through identification of the critical issues impacting progress and change by organisational profiling, analysis, audit and decision support to track, monitor and control the implementation of organisation-led workable solutions whilst exploiting technical innovations to develop a self-reliant sustainable organisation at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Our transaction advisory delivers solutions to capital management, investment capital, mergers, acquisitions and disposals. We draw from a range of methodologies including: agile, lean, TQM, balanced scorecards and Six Sigma.



Improvement in workforce delivery, skills and knowledge aligned to strategy through workforce planning, performance management and career development against measurable objectives with a focus on developing strategies to facilitate and support evidence-based practice and on removing or reducing barriers to effective work practice at an eco-system, organisational, team and individual level.



Assessment and development of the framework of mechanisms, processes and regulations in balancing the interests and relations which ensure accountability, fairness and transparency in your organisations relationships with all stakeholders including legal, regulatory, institutional and ethical environments. This is undertaken through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to economics, law and current organisational practice and principles to determine the effectiveness of governing policy by analysis of organisational context, stakeholders and assessment of governance and accountability relations. Appropriate and effective governance is achieved through the active involvement of top management in establishing the guiding activities of the organisation to influence organisational direction and in formulating the sequential and progressive actions to be taken when running the organisation.



The investigation and study of bodies of information in establishing facts and the development of new conclusions to aid the application of better solutions in changing or creating new processes, products/services or ideas to meet new requirements, unarticulated or existing needs.

Who we have worked with

We’ve worked long term basis with more than 200 organisations and worked with over 1000 people who have been male and female leaders and teams of some incredible organisations. They have come in all shapes and sizes but, with one common aim: to take their business forwards and develop long term sustainablity.

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