Developing sustainable organisations
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Why work with us

Enterprise Mastery’s vision is that international organizations and businesses are transformed into leaner, sustainable organisations prepared for the future to improve the working lives of all.


We empower public and private organisations and your staff to deliver results in challenging arenas to improve all-round organisational performance.


We empower organisations and individuals through facilitating change and development, changing the ways organisations and individuals work to deliver practical, meaningful results for all stakeholders by focusing on the development and implementation of organisational strategy, reform, turnaround & advisory, governance, research & innovation and workforce development.


We maximise your efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation to skillfully tackle often unforeseen challenges especially in reform and turnaround scenarios with clarity of thought and confidence by evaluating the specific needs – fiscal, operational, legal and governance – of both your organisation and the capability of individuals helping to develop and implement solutions that deliver long-lasting results.


Our experience spans over 40 years of specialised experience in working with organisations at governmental, national and international level across a diverse range of sectors from board to the shop floor.


We are specialists in our areas of professional expertise and have worked across the UK, Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.


We value ethical business performed to very high professional standards that result in a clean, honest experience,  which is of high value to our clients, and delivered on time and to budget.


Our working practice is encapsulated by:

SIMPLICITY: We believe cutting through the extraneous detail simplifies things for everyone


EMPOWERMENT: we believe empowering people with the knowledge and skills to enhance proficiency gives them competence to perform effectively and efficiently and to take ownership of the results they deliver


SOLUTIONS: we believe focusing on identifying the root cause problem and indicative symptoms enables the creation of practical innovative solutions that deliver results


RESULTS: we believe focusing on delivering results to define and implement strategies, policies and processes supports long-lasting change


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: we believe great things happen one step at a time


INCLUSIVITY: we believe listening and including widely because the whole is often only visible from multiple perspectives


RIGOUR: we believe half completed doesn’t give half the results


ADAPTABILITY: we believe change is the only constant

What Clients Say About Enterprise Mastery



Dr Giles Brindley

Managing Consultant

Giles is an expert consultant and project manager focusing on business turnaround, process improvement and performance leadership for government, social enterprise and private enterprise and has successfully supported more than 100 organizations internationally.


David Thatcher

Senior Consultant

David is an expert specialising in taking organizations through change, developing interventions and performance systems while ensuring cultural compliance and localisation for effective uptake along with benchmarking frameworks that enable continuous improvement and effective outcomes.


Dr Julius Mugwagwa

Senior Consultant

Julius is an expert specialising in incorporating innovation, the cost effective and efficient use of relevant technologies, regulatory compliance and governance to support  organizations going through change with measurable cost benefit and performance enhancement.


Sachin Lohade


Sachin specialises in improving financial efficiency, enabling verifiable change in business performance through benchmarking, and ICT improvement, resulting in smooth running and a measurable positive impact on the bottom line.


Richard Williamson

Special Projects Manager

Richard specialises in the design & engineering of intelligent brand identities. His interest in design and media production has been a driving force since he bought his first movie soundtrack at the age of 8.


Hongwei Yu

International Projects Coordinator

Hongwei is focused on international business management and operational excellence, through operational design, effectiveness, efficiency and business process management and automation.


Iliyana Grigorova

Marketing and Project Coordinator

Iliyana focuses on market research and development as well as projects to facilitate national and international client development.


Chloe Ridyard

Marketing and Project Coordinator

Chloe is focused on client communications and care as well as projects to enable client outreach and engagement.


Liz Thomas

Social Engagement Coordiantor

Liz focuses on social engagement and interaction as well as public relations.